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Ma Passion des Fè


Welcome to Fabofolie'

We are there to allow king feve collector to have access to feves of quality, becoming rather rare on the market, and during all the year !

We propose a wide choice of antique complete feve sets but also novelties of the year, don't hesitate to come regularly on

In spite of our professional status, first of all we are feves lovers, our knowledge is at your service.

Complete sets referencies result from books of the Association des Fabophiles Français as well as suppliers.

I take the liberty of promoting the Eric and Gilles 2021 feves below, please contact them at this email address if you are interested :

Fèves des rois Eric et Gilles 2021 Fèves des rois Eric et Gilles 2021

We also purchase your feves if they are home-mades, personalized and old feves.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have treasures to propose to us !


Fabofolie' team wishes you a good shopping !