Article 1 - Introduction
Article 2 - Product Characteristics
Article 3 - Product Prices
Article 4 - Guarantees from the Products
Article 5 - Product Availability
Article 6 - Shipping Methods and Costs
Article 7 - Risks from the Transport
Article 8 - Order
Article 9 - Terms of payment
Article 10 - Rights of withdrawal
Article 11 - Attribution of Jurisdiction
Article 12 - Computing and Liberties

Article 1 - Introduction

The present general sales conditions (below mentioned "Conditions") are concluded between:
On one hand, Fabofolie', Micro-Entreprise, registered at the RCS under the number 537 881 153 R.C.S. Pontoise, 4, rue Salzmann - 68150 - RIBEAUVILLE - FRANCE, below mentioned "Fabofolie'",
And on the other hand, people, private individual or not, wishing to make a purchase via the website, below mentioned the "Customers" or the "Customer" individually.

Fabofolie' and Customers together below mentioned the "Parts"("Parties").

Fabofolie' sells his products exclusively via Internet website, or by mail.

Fabofolie' doesn't possess a store except his website.

All the products sold by Fabofolie' are listed on the website of the company (below mentioned "Products").

Article 2 - Product Characteristics

According to the article L 111-1 of the Consumer Code, Fabofolie' tries hard to present at best, on the Product data sheet, the essential characteristics with which the Customer has to become aware.
Fabofolie' reserves the right to modify the assortment of Products in function of his suppliers.
Informations and characteristics are the ones data by suppliers and the Association of Fabophiles Français (AFF).

Fabofolie' isn't responsible for erroneous data transmitted by suppliers and the Association of Fabophiles Français (AFF).

Photos are realized by Fabofolie' and are contractual.

Except opposite information specified on the site, all the Products sold by Fabofolie' are in perfect condition, and are in accordance with the legislation of the current European community and with the applicable standards in France.

Article 3 - Product Prices

Product prices are indicated in euro, all prices exclude TVA, transport and are based on the price list valid at the time of acceptance of the order by Fabofolie' Micro-Entreprise Fabofolie' benefits from the TVA not apllicable, art. 293 B of the Code Général des Impôts.

Price lists of Fabofolie' suppliers are constantly evolving, prices posted on the site may be modified at any time. They also may of variations for reasons of launch prices, promotions or sales.
All the prices are given subject to obvious typographical error.

The applicable price is the one indicated on to the recording date of the order by the Customer.

Article 4 - Guarantees from the Products

We make a commitment to replace damaged products not resulting from the delivery made by La Poste or to send you the possibly missing feve. Fabofolie' takes care of shipping charges of the article sent back in exchange if the damage is of its fact. Provisions of this article do not prevent you to exercise the right of withdrawal planned in the article 7.

Article 5 - Product Availability

Products are available as long as stocks last on Fabofolie'

The available Products in stock on Fabofolie' are accompanied with the mention " In stock ". Product availability can vary very fast according to sales. Fabofolie' makes very frequent updates of the availability, but cannot be held responsible if the stock isn't anymore the same than that indicated. More precise informations can be given to the Customer by telephone or e-mail.

The unavailability of a Product is also mentioned on the page of the concerned Product. So, Products can appear with the mention "Out of stock". In this case, it's not possible for the Customer to buy this Product.

Fabofolie' makes a commitment to fulfill the orders received only while stocks last. If one or several Products are unavailable, Fabofolie' makes a commitment to inform  the Customer about it as quickly as possible.

Article 6 - Shipping Methods and Costs

Orders are sent every Monday and Friday of every week, after validation.

Product availability

Most of our products are available immediately. However when it 's the case, products out of stock are indicated and cannot be ordered.

Various shipping methods

  • La Poste - Priority Mail with tracking number : variable Delivery times.
  • La Poste - International Colissimo : variable Delivery times.

Contribution to packaging and shipping costs

Costs are variable according to the weight of the order and the destination.

Every customer can inquire on the shipping state of his parcel on the site of La Poste.

A tracking number is supplied to him for each of its orders.

Fabofolie' cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery since they come from La Poste or carriers.

Article 7 - Risks from the Transport

Error of delivery

- The delivery address (who can be different from the billing address) must be exact and mention all the necessary precisions for a good delivery
- A misdirection of delivery, place of delivery, place accessibility, or any other problem resulting in the necessity to making a new delivery can be the object of an invoicing of the new delivery, the payment of these additional expenses allowing the new delivery. In the event of refusal of a new delivery, only the amount of the items will be refunded, upon receipt of the return only.

Delays in delivery according to the carrier

In the case of a delay in delivery compared with delivery times announced by the carriers, the Customer has to contact first and foremost the carrier. In a case of important delays, the Customer has to contact Fabofolie' to open a dispute case to make a research for the parcel.
It happens that parcels are misled by carriers. Delivery times imposed by the carriers imply that the Customer declares the loss in 15 days following the reception of the shipping notice of Fabofolie' In these conditions, Fabofolie' takes care to make the necessary complaints with the concerned carrier.

In case the parcel wasn' found, Fabofolie' would make a new delivery of the same Product or would propose to refund the Customer excluding delivery costs.

Damaged parcels

The Customer has to check in front of the carrier the state of the parcel and emit the necessary reserves on the delivery note in case of partial or total deterioration. In the absence of reserve, the Product is considered accepted by the Customer and cannot be the object of contesting concerning its delivery. The Customer will have to notify Fabofolie' of these reserves by e-mail so that Fabofolie' can take the necessary measures, both from the product return in its warehouse and for new delivery. In case of notification absence, Fabofolie' cannot be held responsible for a long time limit of coverage of the new delivery.


In case of strike of La Poste services or carriers or any other event of exceptional nature slowing down or preventing the delivery of the parcel, Fabofolie' will inform the customer of the shipping state of its parcel, but cannot be held responsible for caused delays.

Article 8 - Order

To order on, it is necessary to have an account.

The account can, according to your preferences, be created before or during your first order.

Acceptance of the Conditions by the Customer

General Sales Conditions can be directly read on The fact for the Customer to check the box " I accept general terms of sale " during the creation of an account entails the complete acceptance by this one and without limitation nor reserve of the present Conditions. The Customer recognizes by this act to have read and understood the present Conditions and to accept them.
Purchase by mail mail also imply the acceptance of the General Sales Conditions that he agrees to have read, understood and accepted the General Sales Conditions above mentioned.

Order date

The order date is considered for being the one :

- Of the order validation date by the Customer in case of an online credit card payment;
- Of the reception date of the transfer in case of payment by bank transfer.
Time limits indicated on run only from this order date above described. However, Product availability remains that indicated on the site as far as the order was validated on the site and as far as the date of order (actual payment) intervenes in a reasonable time limit after the order validation date.

Process order

The Individual customer can place his order on Fabofolie' either on the site, or by e-mail.
Process order has to contain all of necessary informations for the treatment of this one in good conditions.

Order confirmation

An e-mail is automatically sent to the Customer to confirm the order under the condition that the e-mail address indicated in the account doesn't contain errors.

Order state

The Customer can consult at any time the state of his order on by consulting his account. Order state allows the Customer to know the processing state of its order, but also the shipping state of his parcel. The Customer can contact at any time Fabofolie' to be informed about his order state.

Article 9 - Terms of payment

Payment methods

Your payment can be made of three manners :

  • Online : on  by card (credit card, Visa card, Eurocard, MasterCard). Your account will be sold after your order confirmation.
  • By bank transfer : data necessary for the transfer are supplied on in detail with order, in your customer space. The possible bank transfer fees are at your charge. Your order will be confirmed after reception of your bank transfer.

The Customer guarantees to Fabofolie' company that he has necessary authorizations to use the chosen payment method.

Fabofolie' shall employ all the necessary means to assure the security and the privacy of data transmitted online (online payment on In this purpose, site uses a secure mode of payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The transaction is made via Paypal, who dispose of the banking information supplied on the site at the time of the payment.

In case of an order by e-mail, it requires a payment by bank transfer or by Paypal that only requires the Customer Paypal adress.

According to a recent investigation, payment on Internet via identical solutions to our online payment became more reliable in terms of security than payments in store.


The order form which the Customer establishes online or the order confirmation sent by e-mail to the Customer by Fabofolie' doesn't act as an invoice. Whatever is the way to order on the website or to pay, the Customer can print the original of his invoice directly into his customer space.
Fabofolie' preserves an electronic copy of every invoice.

Payment date

In the case of a credit card payment, the account of the Customer is dedited at the time of the purchase.

In the case of a payment by bank transfer, the order is valid when the transfer appears on Fabofolie' bank account.

Payment delay

In case of a bank refusel of a credit card debit it is up to the Customer to contact Fabofolie' to settle its order by another payment method.

Article 10 - Rights of withdrawal

Order cancellation

Before shipment by Fabofolie'
Fabofolie' offers to his Customers the possibility of cancelling their orders at any time if this one hasn't been send.
The Customer has to contact Fabofolie' to mean this cancellation. A written confirmation will be asked to the Customer by mail,
to avoid any cancellation by another person than the Customer. The cancellation of the order shall take effect immediately after written confirmation.

Cancellation and refund after order reception

The Law guarantees to the Customer the possibility of cancelling its order under 7 working days after reception in its packaging and home state, all the products can be the object of a refund after the parcel return by the Customer and the receipt of the products in their original packaging and condition.

In every case, the refund must be asked to Fabofolie' by an e-mail or a post beforehand any product return. Postal charges engendered by the order return are charged to the Customer.

The return of product refunded is chargeable to the Customer.


Products are packaged to respect the effective transport standards, and to assure an optimal protection of Products during their delivery. It is asked to the Customer to respect the same standards for product return. Any damage noticed on a product on the way back due to a problem of a not respected quality packaging can entail  a partial refund or no refund of the product in case if the Product isn't eligible for resale.


Article 11 - Attribution of Jurisdiction

The choice of jurisdiction in case of dispute, and for lack of mutual agreement between the Parties, will be given to the competent courts.

Article 12 - Computing and Liberties

Visitors or Customers of site have at any time a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of datas which concern them in application of the article 34 of the law " Computing and Liberties " of January 6th, 1978.

According to data protection acts of January 6th, 1978, you have, at any time, a right of access, a rectification, and an opposition to all personal data by writing a mail or a post and by proving your identity, to Fabofolie' L'HOPITALIER Cindy 4, rue Salzmann 68150 RIBEAUVILLE FRANCE.

In accordance with the disposals of the Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy (AGEC).
The Fabofolie' company contributes to the recycling of packaging by being registered with the Adelphe organization under the number FR337776_01EYMB.